About Me

I am an atheist.

Congratulations, you are one of the only people who know that.

Since I’m still in the closet, however, you won’t be learning much else about who I am on this site. Perhaps when I come out as an atheist, I’ll be more willing to elaborate on the details of who I am and where I’m from, but for now, I’ll tell you what I can.

I go to a small private Christian college. I am a part of a heavily Lutheran family. I have been nonreligious for about 10 years, but I started to really learn about atheism and learn what I believe about a year ago. I’m reading The God Delusion (slowly: college is time-consuming) for the first time. I’ve started watching atheist YouTubers, such as Hament Mehta, The Thinking Atheist, Alex J. O’Connor (he is also on WordPress), and Jaclyn Glenn. YouTubers like them suggest that if it is impossible for a closeted atheist to come out, they can still make their voice heard by means such as anonymous blogging, so that’s what I’m doing.

My amazing boyfriend has helped me get through this weird, frustrating, and fascinating time of getting to know more of myself and this world that we live in. I couldn’t imagine facing this alone. He is my #1 support, and I am so lucky to have him at my side.

Also, I really like cats.

7 Replies to “About Me”

  1. You may be surprised how many who are labelled and behave as Christians have their doubts. Doubt is just as prevalent as faith but much less talked about.
    The label ‘Christian ‘ is very very wide , from the occasional church attender to the pious totally committed believer who lives only for others.


  2. Nice to see someone who actually “Think” in this world!. I don’t know the definitions of Atheism … what what actually is being Atheist, but I know when someone has capabilities to think independently, he/she will definitely see how illogical this religion business is. Look as the whole universe, except humans everyone is in harmony with nature! Only so called “intelligent class” is killing and destroying the nature! Follow what you believe in and whatever it is be good to the nature and fellow humans! That should be the motto of religion! Good luck.


  3. I am so touched by your About page. Good for you to explore what you truly believe in … this is so self-honoring. Thanks as well for following Forgiving Connects. A big part of my experience is discovering what forgiveness, letting go, and gratitude mean for me.
    Welcome, and so many smiles your way today (and every day!) ~Debbie

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  4. Well first, thank you for following my blog. I too am “in the closet,” as I live in a small town in the South…

    Great post on “Answers in Genesis.” I just finished reading “Some Mistakes of Moses” by Robert Green Ingersoll; I think you would enjoy it. You can find it online for free. He pointed out that, at the rate a South American Sloth moves, one would have had to begin it’s trip to the ark before creation in order to make it on time.

    Keep in touch!

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