Guest Posts

Hello! This is where you can find any posts that I’ve written for other blogs.

Interview with the Closet Atheist on Awoken Kingdom
This isn’t so much a post that I wrote as it is an interview that I participated in. Stephanie, blogger at, asked me I would agree to be interviewed for a project for a course in Christian Doctrine in which she had to interview someone with a differing worldview than yours. I was honored that she chose to interview me, and in this post you can read about our conversation and discover my views on origins, meaning, morality, destiny, and more.

Coming Out as Atheist on College Mate
College Mate is a relatively new “college survival guide” blog that features advice, stories, news, and more. They also have a lot of guest post opportunities! Wanting to keep my material light, I offered to write a post on college packing tips, being sure to emphasize that I would stay away from any controversial topic like atheism or religion. To my surprise, the blog owner responded that she would much prefer a post on my atheist coming out story! Depending on how much of my blog you’ve read, parts of the story might seem familiar, but in this post you will find the entirety of my coming out story to date all in one place.

10 Days of Guest Posts: Day 2 (Knots) on The Boundless Agenda
This is a poem that I wrote far before I started blogging, and when The Original Phoenix announced that she was accepting guest posts leading up to Valentine’s Day, I decided to send it in for her to use. It was inspired by my big, heavy secret (atheism) that I could tell no one but my fiance. Back then it was a secret between only the two of us, and the poem reflects that.

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